From Our Home to Yours


Roasted Fish Casserole

Welcome to 2018! Thank you for your enthusiastic response to Effortless Entertaining – we’ve nearly sold out of our first run! Thanks also for the wonderful eggnog emails! I’ve tucked away a few fun facts you passed along to share in our next December issue. I want to start the year by answering a few EE-related questions…

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Our Dalrymple Eggnog Recipe

Merry Merry, from our home to yours! In this Dash, the Dalrymples want to share our family eggnog recipe, which we consider a holiday, and quite possibly a national, treasure! Trust me when I say . . . you may never buy eggnog in a carton again. This is a Dalrymple family tradition passed to…

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Effortless Entertaining is here!

Dear Friends, I’m thrilled to announce that Effortless Entertaining is here! My love for all things entertaining has evolved into a beautiful step-by-step guide and an ongoing membership community, all designed to inspire and equip you to gather family and friends easily and graciously. So many have enthusiastically awaited this launch, and you may now order Effortless…

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