Entertaining … just us!

Dear Friends,

While we do always dress for dinner, I don’t mean we dress up for dinner. I mean we’re not in our work out clothes and we’re as my mother used to say, put together.”  Even when it’s “just us,” we make dinner special. And by “special,” I don’t mean fancy! Dinner at home is an occasion to enjoy our time together. I like to freshen up, set the table, and make this time count. Sometimes we do eat on trays if there is something we want to watch, but most of the time we set the table and enjoy each other’s company. Last night the Charlotte skyline was showing off and the spring temperature was perfect. Ed and I lingered over a simple dinner at a simply, but nicely set table.

One of the points I’ve made in the EE workshop is that entertaining easily begins with creating spaces we enjoy when it’s “just us.” In the workshop, we are creating spaces that are more aesthetically pleasing and function more effectively. We are assessing, editing, and refining our kitchen and dining areas to make entertaining easier and more enjoyable for just us and when we welcome others. Let’s make all our time together special!

If this resonates with you, join me for our next 30 Days to Effortless Entertaining workshop. Email me with your name and email

From our home to yours,

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