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Dear Friends,

As we gather with friends this spring and summer, I give you easy desserts to carry you through all your gatherings! With this issue of The Dish, we gather my favorites! We’re giving our newest download, EE’s Favorite Desserts, to new subscribers to The Dish, and we want our loyal EE fans to receive this gift too!

A few words about these recipes. Yes, there is more than one brownie recipe, and thankfully they all have butter so, I won’t be arrested! I just love them all, and I switch around based on what I’m craving … a little coffee flavor, caramel? And I adore the Katharine Hepburn story and reveling in her legacy every time I make them. I like serving brownies with lemon squares on a tray as a pick-up dessert rather than serving at the table. Sometimes it’s nice to let everyone mingle again after dinner. The Almond Macaroons are divine and even better when warmed. The Granola Bars aren’t like the others you’ve had — they are much better! They will be especially good with blueberries when they’re in season. If you make the Lemon Bomb, you can find the meringues at Trader Joe’s. This dessert is so refreshing and keeps well in your freezer. It’s great to make a batch or two and have on hand. To make it super easy to serve, scoop earlier in the day and keep in the freezer. That way, you only have to pop the pre-scooped servings in your dessert bowls. Serve with Almond Macaroons if you really want your guests to swoon! And finally, how can you beat a bowl of Talenti Gelato or Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia and Chocolate Sauce? Seriously, so easy and so perfectly delish!

Enjoy these spring and summer sweets! 

From our home to yours,

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