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Easter is right around the corner so hop on over to the EE Blog for this Easter Menu and all the recipes! I must confess that we won’t be spending Easter at home this year. The little ones in this photo are grown now and living and working in other cities. They couldn’t get to Charlotte so, what to do?! Instead of crying in our beer, we’re going to make merry over glasses of wine in Napa where we’ll meet Ed’s brother, Chris, and our sister-in-law, Liz. Their children couldn’t come home either. You can tell we’re all just so broken up about it!

Seriously, if you know me, you would know that nothing brings me more joy than time with family during any holiday. Easter brings happy memories of big family gatherings, going to Easter services from Thursday to Sunday, and of course, the Easter egg hunts. Easter lunch was the culmination and center of our Easter celebration. For many, this is also a special time of year for some to observe Passover. Both involve preparing special meals for those we love. As you’ve heard me say before, a special meal doesn’t mean one than requires a week in the kitchen. If we were going to be home for Easter, I might very well be serving the menu I’m sharing with you. It is festive, beautiful, and yes, you’re catching on … effortless!

With gratitude and blessings during this holy season … may you find the golden egg!






This Menu calls for a Pork Roast and a HoneyBaked Ham, but you don’t need both. You could also substitute beef in place of the pork.

  • Layered Hummus
  • Fancy Pork Roast
  • HoneyBaked Ham
  • Southern Green Beans
  • Party Potatoes
  • DeeDee’s Salad
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Sister Schubert’s Parker House Yeast Rolls
  • Carrot Cake

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Celebrate with a special table!

Today’s culture is more casual, and our family loves throwing on our jeans, too! For special occasions and holidays, however, our family dresses up. It signifies that we are celebrating a day that is extra-ordinary. These occasions also inspire me to “dress up” the table. To celebrate Easter, we enjoy our finest china and add colorful flowers to welcome spring and the new life it symbolizes. I invite you to celebrate your special occasions by dressing up your table!




Buy your eggs in advance.

Hard-boiling eggs? Buy your eggs early. Eggs that have been in your fridge for a couple of weeks are easier to peel when hard-boiled than just-bought eggs.

To add to the ease of preparing hard-boiled eggs, try this wonderful find from Cuisinart. Perfect eggs every time!





Back to Nature Crackers – One of my favorite crackers – perfect for your layered hummus.

Jordan Almonds – These beautiful sweetened almonds have made an appearance every Easter.

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