Rack of Lamb

In writing this first issue of My Effortless Entertaining, I’m reflecting on spring and the gratitude that fills my soul for the new life this season awakens. Ed and I were married on a spectacular day in May at the height of spring’s beauty and abundance. Our happiness, though, was mingled with our great sadness from the unexpected death of my father the week before our wedding. Months prior to these events, we had chosen the Scripture that would be read during our ceremony, a passage from Song of Songs. Little did we know the deeper meaning it would carry when the time came to read it. Family and friends joined with us in the midst of our grief to welcome and celebrate the new life we were beginning. Each year spring offers the wonderful gift of new life. As Solomon suggests, we acknowledge winter’s passing and celebrate spring’s arrival. The crocus and the jonquil peep from the still-cold ground, and brightgreen growth appears on every shrub and tree. After the cozy months of football and basketball, with a Ken Burns miniseries thrown in, I can hardly wait to revel in the warmer weather and longer days. And with that, I can hardly wait to invite friends to join us!


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