Marcia Smart’s Brilliant “Any Greens” Pesto

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Marcia Smart is most certainly @smartinthekitchen, and I’m delighted for you to meet this fabulous cook! I followed Marcia on Instagram and had subscribed to her newsletters when I met her in Houston.  Marcia attended one of the beautiful EE events our mutual friend, Charlotte Orr, hosted in her home. After my talk, I was honored that Marcia accepted my invitation for coffee the next day. We enjoyed a wonderful visit and have kept in touch since. This “Any Greens” Pesto is one of my favorites from Marcia. Our family loves pesto on everything … pasta, sandwiches, burgers, fish, steaks, eggs. You name it … we’ve probably tried it! Best of all, this versatile pesto is  …  effortless!

In addition to the recipes Marcia offers on her Instagram, you can subscribe to her newsletter with Weekly Meal Plans. Want more? Sign up for Marcia’s cooking classes. She’s the real deal with culinary credentials from Tante Marie’s Cooking School. Those creds, along with an impressive journalism career, make Marcia a superb cook, instructor, and writer. And on top of all that, she’s absolutely delightful! Please get to know Marcia on her Instagram and at

Enjoy the “Any Greens” Pesto … I know we will!

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“Any Greens” Pesto

Marcia Smart


¼ cup almonds, pecans, pistachios,
walnuts, or pine nuts
½ cup (~2 oz) freshly grated
Parmegiano Reggiano, Pecorino,
or Grand Pandano
3 tightly packed cups green
(basil, spinach, arugula, kale,
Swiss chard, collard greens, parsley,
beet greens. carrot top leaves,
or a combination)

1 lg clove garlic, peeled and smashed to ~1 tsp
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
Fresh ground pepper to taste
1 tsp Kosher or sea salt to taste
½ to ¾ cup olive oil

Place the nuts, cheese, greens, garlic, and 2 tbsp lemon juice in a food processor. Add 2 – 3 pinches of salt and pepper.

Pulse in quick on/off bursts until the mixture is finely chopped but not completely pureed. Scrape down the sides and pulse again to incorporate any larger leaves.

Through the feed tube, add the olive oil, being careful not to over puree the mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Store in a glass jar for up to a week. Add a thin layer of olive oil on the top to keep it from oxidizing. You may also freeze. Transfer to ice cube trays to freeze in smaller portions.

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