A Favorite Fall Menu!

Dear Friends,

This week we had the pleasure of hosting our daughter, Carolyn, and her fiancé, Boomer, and his parents and sister at Grandfather. We were excited to welcome them to this special place and talk about Carolyn and Boomer’s wedding.

Before their arrival, my time was very limited. I bet you can relate … long on ideas, short on time! I didn’t even have a chance to buy flowers. Lucky me, I snagged flowers from an event at our club this past weekend. I already had the small pumpkins and gourds. We would have been fine without flowers. Remember … it’s who’s around the table that matters more than what’s on the table.

Given my limited time, Ed and I chose a delicious and, of course, effortless fall menu!



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Our hors d’oeuvres were super simple. No one could resist the pimento cheese! The Lupini Dip from Brami is a new find. It’s like hummus but made from lupini beans instead of chickpeas. It’s higher in protein and lower in carbs. While it doesn’t taste like hummus made with chickpeas, I’m enjoying the variety of flavors.

Ed grilled our pork chops. We chose boneless, which made it easier to cut in half or even slice. We do the same with steaks. I served with mustard sauce leftover from the Lawdasion’s Pork Tenderloin we served a few weeks ago. Our most important tip on cooking pork is not to overcook The official temperature for pork is 160° — a little pink is good. Ed also added melted butter as he put them on the grill to get a nice sear.

For the grilled vegetables, any combination works. You can use Darren Atkins’ recipe, Roasted Fall Vegetables, shared previously with our EE community, or you can use a simpler approach found in the Roasted Mixed Vegetables recipe.

It’s hard to beat DeeDee’s Simple Salad. The “secret sauce” is the dried mint. Everyone raved. We finished this delicious dinner with Game Day Brownies out of the freezer and Talenti. I always like having a little something sweet to pull out of the freezer when I’m in a pinch.

This dinner couldn’t have been more … effortless!

From our home to yours,

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Talenti Gelato


Lupin Bean Dip


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