Traditional Holiday Buffet … Even During Covid!

Dear Friends,

As we wrap up our Covid entertaining series, I want to encourage you that for those who want to keep our traditions, we can!

A cocktail buffet is a very traditional and beautiful way to entertain during the holidays, especially for Christmas. Perhaps as I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, you may want to invite your guests to drop in at staggered times so that you have a smaller number of guests at one time. Start in the late afternoon so that you won’t go too late into the evening. A cocktail buffet, rather than a seated dinner allows your guests to move about and space themselves more easily from other guests. Maybe you can even open doors so that guests can wander onto your patio or porch. This week’s newsletter provides a cocktail buffet menu with a lot of choices. As I have said before, do a little, do a lot, or don’t do at all and hire a caterer!

In fact, this is the type of party that I would typically have catered. Why? It seems a bit more labor-intensive with passing hors d’oeuvres and replenishing the buffet along with a good bit of bartending. I think all of this is best handled by two or three people focused on making sure all is done well so that Ed and I can enjoy our guests.

A cocktail buffet during the holidays is an especially wonderful time to use your silver. It makes your table so beautiful and festive. Small silver trays are also perfect for a few passed hors d’oeuvres or champagne to welcome your guests.

Cocktail Buffet Menu

A few notes about the menu.

You needn’t serve all of the choices on this menu. I wanted to offer several options. You may also want to choose one or two items to pass. The holidays are the perfect time for champagne or French 75’s … so elegant! Serve the Beef Tenderloin with Dijon mustard and horseradish. Serve the Pork Tenderloin with Dijon mustard and cranberry relish. Prepare and freeze small crab cakes in advance. After cooking, lay on paper towel and then transfer to an aluminum pan. Separate layers with parchment paper. Reheat in oven on low heat. Serve with Spicy Remoulade. The Mushroom Blue Cheese Spread is especially good if kept warm in a chafing dish or fondue server. The Salmon Tartare and the Roasted Vegetable Soup may be served in shot glasses. The Queen Charlotte’s Tart may be served as small bars.

If you have Effortless Entertaining, use your website login to peruse the menus and recipes for other choices. Who knows what yummy things you might choose!

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