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Dear Friends, 

The Masters is in two weeks!

To make sure you’re ready, this week’s Dish is giving you the MENU, RECIPES, GAMEPLAN, and PRO TIPS to host a winning Masters Party … effortlessly! So much can be prepped and prepared in advance, leaving little to do on Sunday. I’ve chosen all the favorites served at Augusta, but I put my own spin on things.

Why would I worry with their pimento cheese recipe when EE’s Three Cheese Pimento Cheese recipe is a hole-in-one? I’m also partial to my Chicken Salad recipe. I even had to throw some spin on the Peach Ice Cream Sandwiches. Oh my gosh!! Have I got a treat for you!!!

So, add, delete, substitute. Play your game!

As we like to say on the tee … Swing out sister!

A few Pro Tips … ⛳️

  • Order golf napkins and other party props now, or keep it simple and use green and white. Caspari has a stylish selection of paper napkins and Etsy has a great selection of fun linen napkins and hand towels for the Powder Room. I especially like the EF Chandler cocktail napkins.
  • For the Azalea Cocktail and the Bloody Mary, you can mix ahead with the vodka or add the vodka for each drink. If you mix ahead with the vodka, reserve a few servings without for guests who prefer a Mocktail.
  • Offer other beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. We like to offer a full bar so everyone is happy!
  • Source locally for anything you don’t want to make! Even though EE offers a recipe for homemade barbecue, I always purchase. This is a great item to source in your community. You can often find a good slaw as well.
  • Choose the breads you prefer. I love Pepperidge Farm Very Thin White for the small sandwiches and Mary B’s Biscuits for the barbecue. Augusta serves their chicken salad on a brioche bun. Along with your sandwiches, offer your salads without bread and with gluten-free crackers.
  • Offer small bowls of mixed nuts, cheese dollars, and M&M’s. Guests love to nibble!

I hope you enjoy your Masters Party and every other party you’d like to host! If you want to entertain easily and graciously, join me for the next workshop starting on Monday, April 18th. Let’s get ready for spring and summer entertaining! Register here!

From our home to yours,

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Enjoy this easy prep and prepare menu!

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Printer-Friendly Menu, GamePlan, & Recipes






  • Create your “Party Plan” in Notes*
  • Envision your party*
  • Invite guests*
  • Do your “Walk About”*
  • Add all details to your “Party Plan”
  • Purchase party items such as cocktail napkins or party favors.


  • Shop for non-perishables


  • Shop for perishables
  • Prep Ingredients


  • Prepare Azalea Cocktail and Bloody Mary mixes
  • Prepare Three Cheese Pimento Cheese
  • Prepare Peach Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Boil eggs

*Party Tips & Tricks in 30 Days to Effortless Entertaining Workshop! Register here.




  • Prepare Barbecue
  • Prepare Slaw
  • Prepare Chocolate Chip Cookies


  • Prepare Chicken Salad
  • Prepare Egg Salad
  • Set Up Bar


Early in the day . . .

  • Complete bar setup
  • Final “Walk About”

One to two hours before guests arrive 

  • Warm barbecue
  • Bake Mary B’s Biscuits
  • Prepare barbecue and sandwich/salad trays and plate
  • Prep Azalea Cocktails and prepare Bloody Marys
  • Prepare popcorn
  • Chips and Popcorn in bowls
  • Plate Chocolate Chip Cookies


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