We’re Back!! EE’s 30 Days to Effortless Entertaining!

Dear Friends,

Join me for EE’s 30 Days to Effortless Entertaining!

I am thrilled to begin our 2022 workshops, and more fired up than ever! Our participants from the 2021 workshops are still gushing — yes, that’s right — gushing! I ran into someone today who was excited to tell me how this workshop changed her whole approach to entertaining. Our participants benefited tremendously from what they learned and the significant changes they made. Best of all, they had fun and are continuing to enjoy their newfound skills and freedoms.

Effortless Entertaining was born from the notion that while entertaining is easy and fun for me, it’s not so for others. The mission behind everything I do is to inspire and equip others to entertain easily and graciously and to have as much fun as their guests. I promise if it’s not fun and easy, you will simply not do it!

Here’s the thing, though … we want to do it. We want to host friends for dinner in our homes. Our homes are where we celebrate friendships and make memories but, we are tripped up by the “what ifs,” “how-tos,” and the often unrealistic expectations we create. We get ourselves worked up into an absolute “This feels like too much!” frenzy. The next thing you know, we’ve let the wonderful moment of welcoming friends in our home pass once more.

With the 30 Days to Effortless Entertaining workshop, I promise — yes, promise — you’ll discover how to make entertaining easy instead of stressful, fun instead of fretful. If you’re already at ease, you might want to refresh your style or strategies. This workshop is for you too!

I look forward to welcoming you into my home each week and am excited to spend this time with you. I know you’ll be jumping up and down to host your next dinner party!

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In EE’s 30 Days to
Effortless Entertaining workshop …

  • You’ll experience the excitement and ease of hosting friends for dinner. Evenings with good friends will be stress-free for you and a treasured gift and memory for the people you love.
  • We’ll transform your kitchen and entertaining areas. You’ll love your well-equipped, well stocked, and more enjoyable spaces!
  • Stock your “party pantry” with everything you need.
  • You’ll be given a crowd pleaser, easy to prepare Menus with a Grocery list too.
  • You don’t want to cook? No problem! We all feel that way sometimes. We’ll solve that too!
  • You’ll be inspired with simple Style Points and equipped with Short Cuts making your next dinner party more fun and easy than ever before!


Are You Ready?

  • We’ll meet twice each week for four weeks, once by video that you may watch at your convenience, and once on Thursdays in a live chat at 3:00 pm.
  • Yes, there will be a little homework! It won’t be hard, and it will even be FUN!
  • Our next workshop starts on January 31st.

Let’s do this!

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