Fleur Du Jour


For this week’s Dish, I’m taking us out of the kitchen. Instead of a recipe, I’m featuring a Style Point. I hope those of you who own Effortless Entertaining have enjoyed this section of your book.  While I love preparing dinner for my guests, I also like pretty flowers on the table and around the house. Today I want to introduce you to a hydrangea that lasts a gazillion weeks. Okay, maybe not a gazillion, but at least two weeks, maybe longer. It’s ridiculous. If it gets a little droopy, give this gem a cut, add fresh waterand it’s happy again. 

Maybe some of you know the Shamrock Hydrangea, but we just met this summer. I came across this wonderful new friend at our grocery store in the mountains and was thrilled when I also spotted more at The Blossom Shop in Charlotte. They are beautiful cut short as shown with boxwood and they are also showy in a tall vase shown here with rhododendron. Others are far more talented with arranging flowers. I need simple and … effortless solutions. Maybe you do too!




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