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Grilling With Bill: Day 6 – Grilled Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!

  Dear Friends, Today’s video in our Bill’s Grills Blackstone series … the icing on the cake … or in this case the ice cream on the grilled doughnut! All the way from UVA and Charlottesville, VA …  the “Grills With.”  No recipe needed! I’m serious, I would buy a Blackstone Grill just to make this dessert exactly as…

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Grilling With Bill: Day 5 – Grilled Salmon!

  Dear Friends, Today’s video in our Bill’s Grills Blackstone series … Grilled Salmon. As many of you know, I’ve given you three grilled salmon recipes — one in your Effortless Entertaining book and two in newsletters. Links to all three are below. All can be prepared on the Blackstone Grill. For the Kebabs, I would recommend using salmon steaks instead. Follow along with Bill in the…

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Grilling With Bill: Day 4 – Brussels Sprouts!

Dear Friends, Today’s video in our Bill’s Grills Blackstone series … Brussels Sprouts. Follow along with Bill to see how he creates this fabulous side on the Blackstone! My stove top recipe for Brussels Sprouts is in your Effortless Entertaining book. You can certainly adapt to the Blackstone Grill … a griddle on which “you can cook everything you can cook on…

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Grilling With Bill: Day 3 – Savory Fried Rice!

Dear Friends, Today’s video in our Bill’s Grills Blackstone series … Fried Rice! I love Fried Rice and I love  it even more when prepared so easily on the Blackstone. Prep your veggies in advance and you’re good to go. Use Bill’s suggested veggies or modify with whatever you’d like. I know one EE follower who will…

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Grilling with Bill: Day 2 – Grilled Asparagus and Prosciutto!

  Dear Friends, Today’s video in our Bill’s Grills Blackstone series … Grilled Asparagus and Prosciutto. This recipe is in your Effortless Entertaining book. It couldn’t be easier! Wrap the asparagus in prosciutto. Brush with a little olive oil and grill.  For this recipe, I think best to use asparagus that’s a little thicker as the super-thin stalks can get a little stringy…

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Grilling with Bill!

Dear Friends, I couldn’t be more excited! This summer my good friend Bill Whitley introduced us to the Blackstone Grill. You may remember that Bill inspired Effortless Entertaining over a glass of wine on our back porch. Our latest collaboration is this video series showing you how easy and fun it is to entertain with a Blackstone Grill … a griddle…

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EE’s Final 30 Days to Effortless Entertaining! 🙌

Dear Friends, Yep! It’s time to gather with family and friends! EE’s 30 Days to Effortless Entertaining is going to make it FUN and EASY!  We all love to gather family and friends in our homes! Natalie is the one who hosted “15 adults and 10 kids!” She’s the one who also said at the…

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Warm and nourishing … Lentil Soup! 🙌🏻

  Dear Friends, Rainy morning? Bring on the soup! In today’s newsletter and video, I give you Lentil Soup. This soup takes about 10 minutes to prepare, and you’re ready to enjoy for lunch or dinner. You can follow my recipe or edit the ingredients to your dietary or culinary preferences. When preparing today, I used my favorite…

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