From Our Home to Yours


Chicken and Sausage Gumbo Goodness! 

  Dear Friends, During COVID we’ve been blessed with long stays and visits with our children. Carolyn and Elizabeth came for what they thought would be two weeks and it turned into months. Eddie too has worked from here for extended periods of time. Many of you have experienced the same. An added benefit to…

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Smashed and Smothered Potatoes! 😍

Dear Friends, Yes, I know potatoes are starchy and high carb and that they metabolize into sugar. And yes, green leafy vegetables are healthier. I just can’t help it! Sometimes we must have potatoes … and if you’re going to indulge, then I say don’t hold back. Just go on and smother some crispy roasted…

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Summer House Guest Dinner … yes! House Guests!

  Dear Friends, House Guests … you heard me! Yes, we had houseguests! Maybe you’re like us and everything you thought you were going to do this summer has been canceled. Weddings, Member Guest Golf Tournaments, House Party Weekends, and the list goes on. For about two months the only people in our home were our children and…

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