Steak au Poivre … at home elegance! 🙌🏻

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Dear Friends,

As promised, this week’s newsletter gives you Ed’s go-to Steak au Poivre recipe. Yes, that’s right! This is the recipe Ed has used for years when he wants to make a special occasion dinner for us.

You could double this if hosting another couple. I probably wouldn’t recommend it if hosting a larger group. Add simple sides such as asparagus, salad, rice, roast potatoes; any of these will work.

While Effortless Entertaining inspires and equips you to entertain in your home easily and graciously, it is also about creating quiet evenings at home with the people you love the most. Meaningful time for Ed and me is important, whether we are enjoying his Steak au Poivre or Beer Can Chicken. Setting a lovely table says the time we’ve set aside matters. It’s special. It can also be …  yes, you know it … effortless! 

From our home to yours,

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Steak au Poivre

Serves 2                      Adapted from Steak Lovers Cookbook


2 — 1¼” thick Tenderloin
or New York Strip steaks
1½ — 2 tbsp whole black peppercorns,
1 tbsp unsalted butter
2 tbsp olive oil
Salt to taste
2 tbsp cognac
½ cup heavy whipping cream



About 30 min before cooking, remove steaks from refrigerator and pat them dry. Spread cracked peppercorns on plate and coat steaks with pepper, pressing in peppercorns with heel of your hand. Set aside at room temperature.

Melt butter and oil in large, heavy-bottomed skillet. When very hot, add fillets. Cook until seared and well-crusted on one side, about 4 min. Turn and cook second side, about 4 min more for medium-rare or 5 min more for medium. Baste fillets with pan drippings and salt after turning.

Remove skillet from heat. Transfer fillets to plate and pour off cooking fat. Do not wash or wipe out skillet. Return fillets to skillet. In small saucepan, heat cognac over medium heat. When it boils, turn away your face and pour cognac over fillets (make sure your hair is tied back and your sleeves are rolled up before you do this).

Carefully light cognac with long kitchen match. It will flare up momentarily. Gently shake skillet over hot burner until flames die. This procedure accomplishes two objectives: All the alcohol burns off and residual fat in the skillet burns as well. Transfer steak to plates or platter; keep warm.

Add cream to skillet and bring it to boil, scraping bottom pan with wooden spoon to deglaze meat juices. Gently whisk sauce until it has thickened slightly, about 2 min. Add salt. Pour sauce over steaks and serve immediately.


  • You could double this if hosting another couple. I probably wouldn’t recommend it if hosting a larger group.



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