Gobble, Gobble to HOHOHO … Effortless Covid Entertaining … Outdoors! 😎

Our Family Oyster Table


Dear Friends,

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, we continue our Covid holiday entertaining series. As I suggested in two of our “Ten Steps to Effortless Covid Entertaining” …

“Get creative and think outside the box.” 
“Gather outside as much as possible.” 

In this newsletter, EE offers two menus and recipes perfect for outdoor gatherings … Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other occasion. With either menu, do a little, do a lot, or make it super effortless and don’t do at all. Hire a caterer! Let these menus and suggestions be your thought-starters.

Another concept that you may want to consider … a food truck! Many of our cities have fabulous food truck options. In Charlotte, one of my favorites is Big Red, the pizza truck from True Crafted Pizza. Several years ago we attended an outdoor party with Bid Red and it was fantastic! Consider a Tap Truck too! North Carolina based company Tap Truck NC looks like so much fun and could add a special kick to your party. You could also consider mid-morning Bloodys and Biscuits with a biscuit food truck. In Charlotte, I’ve spied Callie’s Biscuits… looks like a great way to start a Saturday morning! Create a festive Bloody Mary Bar with Bloody Marys, Screwdrivers, and Mimosas.

Other thoughts …

  • If you typically host a big crowd, consider hosting your party over three to four hours, and stagger your guests. Perhaps you could invite your A – G’s for the first hour, H – N’s the second hour, O – U’s for the third hour, and V – Z’s for the last hour. Think what fun it will be for you to more easily visit with all of your guests since fewer will be there at one time!
  • Start early afternoon so you can take advantage of the daylight and warmer hours. You’ll see several recommendations in Sources & Resources. Even though I’ve provided online links, I do encourage you to shop locally for as many products as possible. I include online photos and links as an easy way for me to provide suggestions, but so love it when you can find locally!
  • Take care of bugs. Even if you’re not sensitive to mosquitoes, assume your guests are. Spray before your guests arrive or use organic repellents.

Be sure to refer to the October 8th edition of The Dish for “EE’s Ten Steps to Effortless Covid Entertaining” for helpful considerations, and don’t hesitate to email with questions.

From our home to yours,

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Oyster Knives

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