Thank you!! 🙌 – Sign up … only a few spots left!

Dear Friends,

THANK YOU! Only a few spots left!

Wow! Thank you to all who have signed up for the workshop! If you’re still on the fence, now is the time to register! We’re almost full, and as promised, I’m keeping the workshop small. I want to interact personally with everyone. My mission is for each of you to feel excited and ready to entertain. Spring and summer are here, and we want to gather the people we love in our homes. Now is the time to get ready! Click here to register.

In today’s video, we’re taking one more peek from our new home in the mountains to show you how I’ve organized a few more things and why I put things where I did. Now, why is this important? The devil is in the details! When you follow my step-by-step process to put your kitchen and entertaining areas in order, you will enjoy that space and feel more at ease when entertaining. Trust me! I’ve seen the results firsthand and have received a spreadsheet full of testimonials from happy EE followers. While we will cover many areas in the workshop, this step is significant in laying a solid foundation.

Finally, someone asked me yesterday why I’m doing the workshop. A great question that I’ve heard more than once! I know you — yes you — and you want to entertain. We are wired to enjoy the people we love, and you want to enjoy gathering these special people in your home, but you don’t do that as often as you’d like or even at all. This workshop, unlike anything I’ve ever offered, is going to transform your approach to entertaining.

Step-by-step, I will guide you through simple changes that will greatly impact how you entertain. We will not create cookie-cutter Martha Stewarts (we won’t need to raise our own chickens or make our own napkin rings). We will figure out what works for you, from the seasoned host like Wynn, who feels a little out of practice (doesn’t everyone from Covid!) to the more reluctant host. The workshop will answer your questions and solve your dilemmas. I get to celebrate your feeling excited about entertaining! It’s a WIN-WIN, and that’s why I’m doing the workshop! Join us!

Enjoy the video!

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In EE’s 30 Days to
Effortless Entertaining workshop …

  • Stock your “party pantry” with everything you need.
  • You’ll be given a crowd pleaser, easy to prepare Menus with a Grocery list too.
  • You don’t want to cook? No problem! We all feel that way sometimes. We’ll solve that too!
  • You’ll be inspired with simple Style Points and equipped with Short Cuts making your next dinner party more fun and easy than ever before!


Are You Ready?

  • We start on Monday, April 19th.
  • Each Monday, you’ll receive a video to watch at your convenience.
  • Between Monday and Thursday, you’ll do a little homework. It will be fun!
  • On Thursdays, we’ll meet in a live chat at 3:00 pm. If you miss the live chat, it will be recorded so you can watch.

Let’s do this!

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