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I’m DeeDee Dalrymple, and I’m so glad you found your way to this site. As you’ll see, “welcome” is one of my favorite words. Whether as a newlywed hosting my first Christmas dinner or a mom cooking Saturday morning pancakes for our children and their friends, I have always enjoyed welcoming others into our home. Bringing people we care about together is more than serving a meal; it’s an expression of love.

I realize that not everyone feels this way. For some, entertaining is overwhelming and stressful. My step-by-step guide, Effortless Entertaining, along with membership into the Effortless Entertaining community, will provide all the resources you need. My goal is to inspire the seasoned host as well as the most reluctant, and to make both feel more at ease.


Beer Can Chicken

Dear Friends, What an exciting year 2018 has been for Effortless Entertaining! Thank you to everyone who has invited me to speak and to all who’ve attended my presentations. I’ve loved being in your communities, reconnecting with old friends, and making so many new ones. I hope you will enjoy the gorgeous photos from the EE event hosted by…

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What People Are Saying

“The week The Dish came out in April, I was busy trying to figure out a menu to serve to out-of-town family coming for dinner Friday night. Bingo! Everything I needed was in The Dish. I promptly took my EE shopping list and headed to the grocery store for everything I needed. These recipes were made a day in advance, leaving Friday free for me to do some outdoor cleaning and set up the patio so we could dine outside.

The recipes were delicious and everyone cleanerd their plates! EVERYONE! The Dish was just the help I needed to make this family meal – with cousins we don’t see often – very special. Perfect timing!