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I’m DeeDee Dalrymple, and I’m so glad you found your way to this site. As you’ll see, “welcome” is one of my favorite words. Whether as a newlywed hosting my first Christmas dinner or a mom cooking Saturday morning pancakes for our children and their friends, I have always enjoyed welcoming others into our home. Bringing people we care about together is more than serving a meal; it’s an expression of love.

I realize that not everyone feels this way. For some, entertaining is overwhelming and stressful. My step-by-step guide, Effortless Entertaining, along with our ongoing updates, will provide all the resources you need. My goal is to inspire the seasoned host as well as the most reluctant, and to make both feel more at ease.


Two Summer (or any other season) Sides!

Dear Friends, I love, love, love being invited to friends’ homes for dinner or for the weekend! Since releasing Effortless Entertaining friends, who have had us a million times before often say things like, “I had to really step it up knowing you were coming!” Not true!!! The real truth is, I have many friends who could…

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What People Are Saying

“We’re at the beach with two other families. Last night I made the vidalia-cheddar dip, and everyone was ga-ga over it. But the real revelation came just now, when I spread the leftovers (no idea how there were leftovers) on bread and made a grilled cheese with it. Seriously, the best grilled cheese of all time.”